Both feet feel very tight

This is in response to several enquiries about “very tight feet” and “both feet are tight”, etc.

Both feet are tight can be due to (1) ill fitting shoes, new shoes, women’s high heels; (2) cold lower legs and cold feet from night chills, cold bedrooms, insufficient blankets while asleep; and (3) maybe a very bad newfangled driver’s side sunken bucket seat of an automatic transmission vehicle one drives long distance everyday.

The firs two causes are obvious, throw away the shoes and wear open toe sandals, and sleep in a warm bed in a warm room instead. The reason for (3) is that the feet really do not move that much while driving an automatic transmission vehicle long distance. The left foot is definitely motionless throughout the trip. The right foot is “frozen” on the gas pedal for long distances until one tries to step on the gas pedal and accelerate. Both feet have been in a “frozen” position for most of the time. The sunken bucket seat literally cuts off circulation in the legs and the feet. The feet, with less circulation of blood and oxygen, thgiten up to conserve oxygen in the muscles.

At home, soak the feet in hot water and roll the feet over some golf balls for at least 20 to 45 minutes. At work, if allowed, take the shoes off and roll the feet over some golf balls under the desk.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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