Burning urination

In response to the enquiry: “Does jasmine tea [have] something to do with burning feeling while peeing?”

This is very important. Burning urination is a “fever” of the urine, indicating very weak kidney function. It is an indication that urinary acidity and kidney blood acidity are too high. A steady diet of pork meat for four to six weeks and an extreme lack of exercise in combination will bring on burning urination. Burning urination also indicates an acidic constitution.

Jasmine tea is alkaline and is good as a detoxing tea. It is the acidity of the urine that causes the burning urination, not the jasmine tea. The jasmine tea helps to get rid of overly acidic urine in the kidneys, and thererfore, by drinking jasmine tea, the kidney function is improved and strengthened in getting rid of the overly acidic urine and the acidity of the blood in the kidney, and one feels burning urination.

When there is burning urination, sometimes there will be a dull pain in the kidney during burning urination. I immediately drank Eucommia tea (du zhong cha) to get rid of the dull kidney pain and the burning urination.

For burning urination, I prefer Eucommia tea (du zhong cha).


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