What causes legs and feet to tighten

In response to an enquiry: “What causes excise [sic] to tighten legs and feet [sic].”

I presume the question is: What exercises cause the legs and feet to tighten?

The question is better answered if we ask: What activities can cause the legs and feet to tighten?

Inactivity, bad chairs, long distance driving in an automatic transmission vehicle, sunken driver’s side bucket seats that cut off circulation to the legs, cold bedrooms, big sunken sofas that cut off leg circulation, weight lifting, leg cramps, are some of the direct causes of tightening of the legs and the feet.

The remedy is jumping rope, a hot shower, a good soak of the legs and feet in a hot tub or a jacuzzi, a generous rubbing of vapor rub, etc.

Whenever I feel stiffness and tightening in the legs and feet, I always take a hot shower and stretch my feet and legs backwards. I use the tango posture and leg stretching backwards to stretch my feet and legs under the shower of hot water. (See the illustrations on my other blog “Isotonic Rehabilitation” by link under “Blogroll” sidebar.


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