Can mosquito bites cause muscle tightening

In response.

Mosquito bites in general do not cause muscle tightening. However, it depends on which species of mosquito and one’s ability to fight off the effects of the bite.

In summer, starting about right now, stationary pools of water will harbor the larger black mosquito that has a nastier bite than the smaller brown colored mosquito. The larger black mosquito will leave a rather large itchy swelling. The body reacts immediately to the bite and the skin and tissue swell up immediately. Muscle tightening is not usually a reaction to the mosquito bite.

Even with the bite of the fire ant of Texas, muscle tightening has not been reported as a reaction to the bite, even though the bite of a fire ant is very nasty and even painful.

According to the Merck Manual of Medical Information, Page 1009: “Arbovirus is a term used for a virus that is spread to humans by bites from insects, such as ticks and mosquitoes.” The virus responsible for arbovirus encephalitis “infections is spread by a specific mosquito type found in a particular geographic area.” Symptoms may include “stiff neck,” which may be a sign “of an infection of the brain and spinal cord.” “Occasionally, the arms and legs become paralyzed.”

Muscle tightening, although not mentioned in the Merck Manual of Medical Information on Arbovirus Encephalitis (Page 1009), may be a reaction to an attack on the spinal cord by such an arbovirus that spreads arbovirus encephalitis.


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