If you have kidney infection, can it hurt on the lower front right side?

In response.

Pain on the right lower front, i.e., below the liver, between the liver and the right pelvic joint, is an area that includes the liver, the tissue surrounding the liver, the intestine, the appendix, and the ovaries and fallopian tube in women.

It is therefore very important to find out exactly which organ or which tissue is producing the pain.

In Chinese medicine, lower back pain on the side, either left or right lower back, indicates kidney infection and weak kidney. Pain on the right front side indicates weak liver, cirrhosis of the liver due to alcohol consumption. A shot of cheap tequila and a shot of cheap ouzo and a shot of cheap Chinese liquor will bring on immediate liver pain and potential liver damage.

However, kidney infection, curiously enough, is not generally felt on the right front side at the right pelvic joint area.

In most cases, pain at the lower right front stomach area is due to appendicitis, inflammation of the appendix, and solidified crystalline structures and hardened fat inside the vermiform appendix. This is called “Lan wei shih” in Chinese medicine, i.e., appendicolithiasis or appendolithiasis, “lithiasis: the formation of stony concretions in the body” [Merriam Webster’s Medical Dictionary]

Therefore, pain on the lower right front area would most likely not be due to kidney infection but to appendicitis, weak liver from a shot of cheap tequila, or “stone in the appendix.”

In one case that came to me, the intestine at the appendix area was twisted and food was unable to pass through, causing extreme pain. The solution was to surgically cut away and remove that portion of the intestine.


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