Is skipping rope harmful to women after c section

In response.

The c section, i.e., any type of surgical cut wound, like the open chest surgery for Myasthenia gravis in my wife’s case, the c section of a rather fat Chinese waitress at the Chinese restaurant we used to frequent in San Francisco, requires at least three months to four months of post-surgical rest for the cut to heal completely. For a period of six months after surgery, jumping and skipping or hopping on a hard surface is not recommended. Neither is weight lifting, boat rowing, and exercises that require stretching recommended or allowed. Complete recovery from open cut surgery requires at least six months minimum.

Skipping rope on a hard floor or cement surface involves a relatively hard impact in which the entire body weight bears down on each landing and all the downward weight is borne by the balls of the feet at impact.

On a trampoline, the landing is a soft landing and the give and take of the canvas counteract the downward rush of the body weight and the impact on the canvas is a rather soft impact, and on rebound, the body essentially becomes “weightless” at greater than gravity velocity.

The impact on the stitched up skin and muscle is harder in skip rope than in trampoline jumps.


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