Exercises and kidney stones

In response to two enquiries about exercise and kidney stones: “Does tai chi move kidney stones?” and “Can exercise cause kidney stones?”

The answer to both of these enquiries is NO!

Tai chi is a slow moving respiratory exercise, known as “meditation in motion.” Tai chi is too slow to create an internal “earthquake to shake loose the kidney stone”. There is a Master in Houston, Texas, named Chen Jincai. He teaches the tai chi of quick moves. This “form” is an offensive as well as a defensive form of tai chi. Despite some claims, neither the “quick” nor the slow form of tai chi is able to “move the kidney stones” or “loosen the kidney stones.”

Severe body shaking, jumping, jogging, running, jump rope, are the effective ways to loosen the kidney stones. The grip of the tissue on the kidney stones has to be “moved” and changed for the kidney stone to move.

Exercise loosens the grip of the tissue on the kidney stones. Extreme inactivity, extreme laziness, extremely stubborn laziness, extreme unwillingness to get out of the damn sunken sofa will cause kidney stones. Eating a lot of red meat, overdosing on sugar, acidic drinks and sodas, processed foods, processed sugars, will all bring on kidney stones.


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