Middle back pain when pushing wheelchair

In response. Yes.

This is a rather common discomfort of caretakers, especially older caretakers who have to push a wheelchair often during the day.

Home carpeting and household rugs cause a lot of resistance and the wheelchair does not roll that easily on rugs and carpet. In many homes with wheelchair bound persons, the floor is usually without rugs and tarpet.

The middle back pain of the caretaker is the direct result of tense back muscles from pushing a rather heavily loaded wheelchair. The pushing posture also causes middle back pain since the caretaker needs to bend forward while pushing.

Try pushing the wheelchair while walking upright. When one takes a rest, stand with back against a wall, raise the arms until the backs of the hands touch the wall, and push upwards and stretch. Then bring the arms down. Do this six times. This exercise will straighten the back, readjust the spinal cord, and alleviate the middle back pain.


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