Burning tongue not from hot flashes

In response. We will eliminate menopause and hot flashes and extremely hot chili pepper as well.

In Chinese medicine, a bitter taste in the tongue is indicative of liver problems. In the West, we can describe this as “a taste of bile”.

When the tongue is “burning”, it is an indication of an acute form of “internal fire”. It is “shang huo” or “rising fire.”

In this case, Liang Cha (cool tea), cooling herbal teas, and vegetables that “dampen the internal fire” like the bitter melon would be the Chinese herbal remedy.

Burning tongue, in Chinese medicine, also indicates internal fever, (nei huo), and “too much yang” (yang gang). For example, an overdose of ginseng, garlic, onion, hot chili pepper, will all solicit a burning tongue sensation.


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