TMJ cortisone shot

In specific response.

A Mexican doctor gave a cortisone shot to a man who suffered from a drooping left side of his face. The patient whom I prefer to call a victim with a drooping left side of the face, a victim of his really utterly ignorant and irresponsible and unethical Mexican doctor who gave him the cortisone shot, came to me afterwards with the left side of his face still drooping and his mouth locked. His TMJ and facial drooping were the result of a severe mental trauma brought on by extreme anger from a long distance telephone call.

Cortisone shots are generally used to ease muscle pain by “relaxing” the muscles. This is the basis for the use of the cortisone shot in the case described above. This is also the extremely mistaken use of cortisone shots by many Western doctors.

If you have a crooked face, a drooping face, TMJ, locked jaw, severe muscle pain, please DO NOT ALLOW ANYBODY TO GIVE YOU A CORTISONE SHOT. A cortisone shot is NOT the correct treatment for the above conditions.

The cause of each of the above conditions must be found and analyzed. A crooked face and a drooping face in the early morning are a result of taking a combination of two common prescription drugs for diabetes and for high blood pressure on a daily basis for two years. TMJ may be caused by tetanus, a nervous reaction, a ministroke, a microstroke, or a CVA (cerebrovascular accident). Severe muscle pain has many causes, like your newfangled driver’s side bucket seat in your dwarf automobile that you drive everyday, your sunken bed, your bad ergonomic chair, over exercise, twisted lower back muscles and sciatic nerves after giving your tiny golf ball a really bad and hard swing.


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