Gap between lower back [sic] [?]

Tentative response.

Some people have two rather large areas next to the tail bone above the buttocks that are somewhat indented or sunken in. These sunken areas are natural. These indentations are at the areas where the gluteus medius and the gluteus maximus meet.

On the inner edge of the indentations are two trigger points located at the top of the buttocks and at the upper end of the gluteus maximus. These trigger points are rather sensitive to acupressure. If you stand facing a wall and someone presses these two trigger points, your legs will instantaneously feel weak and you will fall. Pressing these two trigger points instantaneously relaxes the sciatica and the leg muscles and causes the legs to “collapse.”

In acupressure, these trigger points are pressed to alleviate tension in the lower back, the thighs and the lower legs.

If you put some vapor rub on the two trigger points, you would feel the buttocks the thighs relaxing.

If one rubs the two trigger points with the thumbs in a circular motion, your sciatic nerves will loosen up.

Having someone sit on your butt and wiggle will also loosen the sciatic nerve that runs down the inner thigh.


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