Green pus in toe

In response.

Green pus in my toe, it must be gangrene pus from the blister of foul pus in my toe. Flesh in my toe is dying, without any supply of oxygen and fresh blood. And of course one must not forget about the hemolytic streptococci that produce green pigment when cultured on blood media.

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, plenty of hydrogen peroxide and plenty of baking soda come to the rescue. Localized hyperbaric oxygen, the poison gas of anaerobic bacteria like clostridia and all the anaerobic gram-negative rod bacteria and any of the various nonmotile gram-negative bacilli of streptobacillus and the genus of spherical or ovoid chiefly nonmotile and parasitic gram-positive bacteria of the family Streptococcaceae that divide only in one plane, occur in pairs or chains, and include nasty pathogens of humans and animals, kills them all. (Ref. Merriam-Webster’s Medical Dictionary)

Hydrogen peroxide and baking soda should dry up the green stuff. If not, soak the toe in water with plenty of soap and scrub away the green pus in the toe. Then soak the toe in hydrogen peroxide. Clean out the green pus before the doctor comes with the saw to amputate the toe.

To keep my toe, get rid of the green pus, wash the foot and the toe with a lot of soap, and throw away all the shoes. Wear open toe sandals, just like the Japanese, the Taiwanese, the Filipinos, the Indonesians, the Indians, the Arabs in the desert, the Pakistanis in the mountains and the Bangladeshis in the flood plains do.


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