Jogging effect on internal organs

In response.

Jogging shakes the internal organs. Shaking the internal organs loosens the content stuck inside the internal organs, such as kidney stone, half digested food that refuses to move, half digested food stuck inside the intestines, half and undigested foods stuck in the colon, fecal matter stuck inside the colon and refuses to come out even after drinking a lot of cheap tomato juice. Drink Senna leaf tea instead.

Jogging stimulates sweating. Sweating detoxes the muscles, skin, and rids the body of liquid retention, i.e., edema.

Jogging exercises the muscles, increases circulation, makes one breathe more fresh air and exhale more spent air from the lungs. Jogging also makes one breathe more easily and corrects shortness of breath.

Jogging also makes one want to take a good long shower afterwards.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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