What to do if gangrene smells

In response.

The nasty smell of the gangrene comes from the foul pus inside the open gangrene blister. The foul smell and the pus are produced by the clostridia bacteria.

The standard household odor eater is baking soda one places inside the icebox. Kill the gangrene and its smell with baking soda, a lot of baking soda, and throw away the shoes. Wear open toe sandals. Those who wear open toe sandals do not have smelly feet. Those who wear toes-enclosed shoes will have very strong smelly feet when they take their shoes off. A Mexican lady stabbed a man who complained about her smelly feet when she removed her shoes. And so did the passengers when what’s her name American celebrity took off her shoes in first class on board a flight.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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