Will anything kill tinea pedis in shoes?

In response.

Soak the tinea pedis infected shoes in a bucket of hydrogen peroxide. Watch them foam. Then hang the shoes out to dry. Place them in a bath of hydrogen peroxide again. See if they foam. If they do not foam anymore, then most of the tinea pedis in the shoes are dead. Hang the shoes out to dry.

If you dry the shoes in a tumble dryer at low heat, the moisture in the shoes will not be completely dried, the shoes still provide plenty of moist hiding places for the tinea pedis, and high heat of the dryer will only melt the shoes, not the tinea pedis. They will survive, but the shoes will not.

Wind, sunshine and the open air that has oxygen kill tinea pedis. Dark moist stinky shoes keep tinea pedis alive.

The only type of shoes that can be completely or almost completely dried is the open toe sandals.


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