Indent on nose tip

This is a straightforward response, no judgment intended.

In classical Chinese physiognomy, an indentation on the tip of the nose is an indication of criminality, flawed character, and generally an evil person. Nowadays we know that that is not true.

There can be may causes of an indentation on the tip of the nose. The reason of the traditional Chinese physiognomical explanation is based on the concept of “puo xiang” or “broken face.” One illustration of this is that in Disney movies and children’s stories, the evil one would always have some kind of a scar on the face, like Scar Face, pirates, including the face of Nanny McPhee. The evil guy usually has a “broken face.”

In Chinese physiognomy, a “broken face” like an indentation on the tip of the nose or a “crooked face” reflect a scheming personality. The person with such a face has some personality flaws like extreme jealousy, uncontrolled anger, vengefulness, etc.


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