How long do nerves continue to regenerate for?

In response.

Regeneration of nerves, genesis and demise of neurons, synopses, occur very frequently. A thought is an activity of the genesis and the demise of neurons, neurotransmitters and synopses through the process of synopsis. The connections of this genesis “die” and “disconnect” as soon as the thought is over or when a command to move a body part like a limb is issued and the command to the muscles to act out the command is accomplished.

The recovery of nerves after being severed in an automobile accident, from a combat wound, from carpal tunnel hand surgery or major surgery in which nerves are cut depends very much on the location of the nerves. A CVA (cerebrovascular accident) affects the sides of the body while spinal cord injury, depending on which part of the spinal cord has been injured, affects the legs or the lower body.

As we know now, electrical stimulation of the spinal cord of long term paraplegics can revive leg movement even after 2 years of being a paraplegic.

Complete regeneration of nerves that control hand movement after carpal tunnel surgery may take anywhere from a few days to a few months.

After the severed nerves regenerate and reconnect, the nerves seem to discontinue to regenerate for that particular connection.


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