Trampoline Oh trampoline, why do my sides and lower legs hurt?

In response to two enquiries: (1) “How do you get rid of a sore sides from jumping on a trampoline?” and (2) “lower leg pain from trampoline.”

In (1), wear a waist belt, a relatively tight one around the waist.
The indication here is that the muscles around the belly are weak, there is really too much belly fat and the weight distribution around the waist is uneven and this uneven weight is pulling the muscles, and accompanying the big fat belly are weak kidneys. If one is very skinny and jumping on the trampoline causes side pain, then the kidneys are too weak and they really need medical attention and help.

Check the color and smell of the urine. If the urine smells sour and is yellowish, the kidneys are weak. Cleanse the kidneys and stop eating meat and yogurt. Go vegetarian for the next three to four weeks. This diet is a must.

In (2), apply a very heavy dose of muscle rub to relax the lower leg muscles.
The indication here is that the lower leg muscles have been tight before trampolining and the lower leg pain is the result of the trampoline exercise.

Check the usual causes of lower leg tightness and get rid of those causes, including the sunken mattress and bed, that dinky little dwarf automobile with that newfangled lower bucket driver’s side seat, and any type of ergonomic chair one might have been using.


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