Good remedy for weak urination

Here is a very effective remedy for weak urination due to an extremely sedentary lifestyle, enlarged prostrate, and weak kidney function.

Men with weak kidney function, with an enlarged prostrate, and who live a rather sedentary lifestyle often find it difficult to urinate completely, forcefully and smoothly.
Sometimes women with weak pelvic muscles also find it difficult to urinate completely, forcefully and smoothly.

Here comes the almighty rough towel or a clean rough scrubbing pad for dirty dishes to the rescue.

Stand in front of the urinal or toilet bowl with pants off. Try to urinate. If the urine does not come out smoothly and forcefully, or if urination is very weak, then hold a rough towel or a rough but clean scrubbing pad in the hand and rub the tailbone. This immediately stimulates the urge to urinate and this will bring on immediate and strong urination.

A wet soapy towel or smooth scrubbing pad are too smooth and will not work as well.

And of course, an overdose of garlic will definitely strengthen urination and strengthen the prostrate. Garlic also is effective in “shrinking” an enlarged prostrate temporarily.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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