Leg cramps after weird stretch

In response. Yes! Yes! Yes!

This is a problem with weird stretches and stretching movements common in so-called “butt enhancing” and “bum enlarging” exercises.

Very recently, a woman came to me for two weeks to get rid of her leg and toe pain. She was doing a “bum enhancing” exercise and twisted her back sciatic nerves, her inner thigh muscles and nerves were twisted and pulled, and her right big toe hurt so much that she could not walk properly, and she suffered severe pain when she walked.

She had been taking prescription strength muscle relaxants but the prescription muscle relaxant pills did not work, so she repeatedly asked the doctor to increase the dosage until the doctor refused her further requests. She had been on these pills for a year before she came to me.

Do not do any weird stretches, including some advanced yoga contortions if the muscles are not absolutely relaxed. In truly traditional yoga exercises practiced by the Indian masters, meditation precedes the exercises to relax the muscles.

Get rid of the leg cramps and find a more normal stretching exercise. There are many safe and beneficial stretching exercises taught by regular kung fu masters and martial arts classes that do not require weird stretches. Any “master” who is teaching weird stretches or weird diets or weird fasting regimens are NOT really masters at all. They have been proven to be detrimental to one’s health and life.


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