Pain in mid back from falling on bum

In response. Yes. This happens rather often. In general, falling on the bum occurs very often in slipping on wet floors.

It depends on the posture, the angle of inclination of the torso and back when one slips and falls backwards as the bum hits the wet floor.

The natural inclination of the upper body when slipping on a wet floor and falling downwards is also backwards rather than erect or leaning forwards. The arms extend downwards to the sides to “rescue” the fall but fail as the heels slip and slide and the bum hits the ground.

At the moment of impact, the inclination of the torso and the back determine the effect of the “hum hit” on the spine.

Two situations may occur: (1) At the moment of the bum’s impact on the wet floor, the weight of the torso bears down on the bum, and this may cause compression of the spinal discs. (2) At the moment of the bum’s impact on the wet floor, the backward inclining torso and back try to correct themselves, i.e., to shift the center of gravity of the torso forwards so as to stop the backward fall of the torso and to prevent a possible impact of the back on the floor. This attempted correction of the center of gravity will move the upper part of the spine forward while the lower part of the spin follows the bum downward onto the wet floor. And here comes the flexing of the spinal cord, the “crushing” of the disc or the “twisting of the disc” and disc compression. In this particular situation, the flexing point of the spinal cord is the mid back where the pivot point occurs. The result is pain in the mid back.


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