Can orgasm help loosen kidney stone?

In response. No.
Orgasm is by definition a tensing of the muscles to such an extent that the muscles finally give way to what Western medicine describes as “sudden uncontrolled release” by the pelvic and vaginal muscles of the female and ejaculation by the male at orgasmic climax.

The tensing of the muscles before climax also involves bladder control. At climax, the woman “comes” and releases vaginal fluids, not urine. And at climax, the man releases or ejaculates sperm, not urine. There is a valve-like tissue in both men and women that blocks the flow of urine when the woman “comes” and when the man ejaculates. The relaxation of the muscles following climax does not release the bladder and does not release urine. Even if the bladder is full, the urine will hold through climax.


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