Hydrogen peroxide + baking soda whiten skin?

In response.
Hydrogen peroxide alone and hydrogen peroxide + baking soda, vinegar and baking soda, squeezed lime juice and baking soda all produce a sudden release of oxygen. Oxygen is a general purpose cleanser and cleaner as in the product Oxyclean.

Oxygen cleans the skin, that means, it kills the bacteria on the skin, and it cleans out the dirt on the skin. When your skin is covered with a layer of dirt and bacteria and tinea corporis, your skin will not be as “white” or “silky” or “shiny” or “smooth”. Your skin looks “darker” and “unclean” and “dirty” and “rough”. By removing the dirt and the dead skin and the bacteria and the tinea corporis on the skin with oxygen, the skin seems to look “whiter”, “brighter”, shinier”, and “smoother.” That is how oxygen “bleaches” the skin.


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