Corpse eye in dream meaning [sic]

In response.

Seeing eyes in a dream to me is a very scary sight. The immediate feeling in the dream upon seeing the eyes is the main factor of the dream that is meaningful for interpretation.

This particular dream also relates to whether the dreamer recognized the corpse or if the corpse in the dream was that of a stranger. Did the corpse look “hostile” ? Were the “eyes of the corpse” piercing?

If the dreamer recognized the corpse or recognized the eyes as belonging to someone the dreamer knew in real life, then the corpse and the eye represent a guardian. If the corpse and eye were of a stranger but the sight of the corpse and eye were not frightening to the dreamer, they may also represent a guardian figure.

The “piercing eye” may be a subconscious warning against some potentially selfish and evil thought of the conscious mind of the dreamer. An image of a corpse with piercing eye would be very appropriate in this interpretation. The subconscious mind follows the universal consciousness. The conscious mind is the thinking mind, and it can come up with nothing but evil thoughts. The thinking mind is evil!


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