Dream about trains while pregnant

In response.

Dreams about trains are common. They have several themes. (1) The dreamer is driving the train as a locomotive engineer. (2) The dreamer is a passenger on the train. (3) The dreamer is alone on the train and there are no other passengers. (4) The train is crowded with strange passengers, or passengers who are strangers. (5) The dreamer is on a freight train, and the freight train is either full or empty. (6) The dreamer is on the train without a train ticket. (7) The dreamer falls from a speeding train. (8) The dreamer sees a train at a distance coming towards the dreamer.

A pregnant woman carries a burden in the womb. The burden is the freight the train is carrying. A freight train speeding down the tracks symbolizes the pregnancy and the growth of the fetus inside the womb. A speeding freight train delivers its freight to a far away destination like Chicago to New York. A baby is “delivered” as in “delivery”.


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