Is jump rope good for carpal tunnel?

This was an enquiry in the key word search column. Although it seems to be a frivolous question, it is actually not.

Immediately following carpal tunnel surgery and during the post-surgery recuperation period, strenuous hand exercises should not be done. Light hand massage, light acupressure of the finger tips and light rubbing of the palms can be done. The purpose is to revive strong circulation to the hands without shaking the recovering muscles that the doctor had just cut up.

Back in San Francisco in the 1980s, a 4 ft. 9 in-tall Cantonese lady taught a group of 30 Chinese officials on the tenth floor an exercise that required jumping in place while shaking the hands vigorously. The jumping shook the entire Bank of Canton building and the tremors could be felt on the fourth floor.

If one jumps in place, as jumping rope is essentially, without shaking the hands vigorously since this would unhinge the wound and the muscles, then a mild form of exercise for the hands is the stimulation of circulation in jumping rope as well as the passive movement of the arms and hands during the jumps.

The secondary benefit of jumping rope is the stimulation of circulation to the hands without tearing the recently sewed up hand muscles. Jumping rope should help hasten recovery of hand function after carpal tunnel surgery.


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