How to not tense up while orgasm [sic]

In response.
Without the muscles tensing up, there will be no orgasm!

The Chinese do have some advice for men to sustain rigidity, to increase endurance, to prolong intercourse, and to delay ejaculation.

A martial arts form for men to increase endurance, sustain rigidity, and prolong intercourse is a combination of the horse stance and the pushing of the hands from in front of the neck downwards towards the stomach. Get into a horse stance, place the hands in front of the lower abdomen with palms facing up, inhale as one raises the hands up to in front of the neck, turn the palms down, then push with the hands downward until they return to the beginning position. This exercise strengthens the pelvic muscles, strengthens rigidity and increases endurance.

Another exercise is to get into the horse stance, then “push” with the abdominal muscles like a woman giving birth. This also strengthens the pelvic muscles and increases rigidity and endurance.

Some Chinese boast of being able to continue an intercourse for 3 hours. Some kung fu masters have said that the man should be able to bring on multiple orgasms in the female sexual partner without ejaculating himself. That means multiple orgasms on the part of the woman while the man sustains rigidity throughout over a three-hour period.

Mental distraction has been used by men to sustain rigidity. Mental distraction by women, on the other hand, seems to keep the woman from reaching climax.

At climax, the woman seems to be overwhelmed by sensation while the man is mentally focused on not ejaculating as quickly. At climax, both the man and the woman “give”. A good climax is when the woman releases and the man ejaculates almost simultaneously and the man feels a “hot flow” over the penis.


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