Any soup good for kidney?

In response.

Any kind of vegetable soup which the Chinese herbalists call cool soup, and any kind of meatless soups such as onion soup, etc. are all good for the kidneys.

Sweet soups and heavy meat (beef, pork) based soups and tomato soups are not good for the kidneys. These soups turn acidic and increase urine acidity, blood acidity, and promote the formation of uric acid crystals.

Beef soup, dog meat soup, snake meat soup are hot soups. They are aphrodisiacs, and in Chinese medicine, aphrodisiacs enhance kidney, bladder, and sexual function.

In post natal recuperation, the young mother is fed chicken dong quai soup everyday for 30 days to provide sufficient nutrition and energy for her to recuperate. Chicken dong quai soup is a very very “hot” soup, i.e., a very very “rich” soup specifically for the post-natal recuperating mother. However, chicken dong quai soup is also “the soup of the winter solstice” to provide “energy and warmth” for the body during the winter.

Herbal soups that are alkaline, beet soup, wintermelon soup, hairy gourd soup (sss-gua), bitter melon soup (fu gua tong, ku gua tong), and especially the bitter melon soup, are very good for the kidneys.


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