Can a female dog reincarnate as a boy in next birth?

In response. Yes!

Reincarnation often switches genders and in the spiritual world, it seems that there is no gender difference. In Hinduism and Buddhism, many of the gods and deities are gender-neutral, i.e., they can appear as male or female. The Chinese buddhists believe that the Goddess of Mercy, Guan Ying, can appear as a man, a woman, a ghost, an animal, etc. The standing images and statues of Guan Ying show her standing on a dragon, standing on two snakes, standing on the lotus flower, standing on clouds, always without shoes.

When we look at a cat, a tiger, a male lion, a female lion, and a dog, the lioness looks female and feline like the cat and the tiger. A male cat or a male tiger looks very feminine or feline to me. A female dog still looks like a male dog if one does not look at the genitals.

Therefore to me, a female dog that looks “male or masculine” to me can reincarnate as a boy in the next life. And vice versa, a female looking male cat can reincarnate into a girl in the next life.


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