Toe nails dying and really smelly

In response.

These are indications of malnutrition. Specifically, one’s diet lacks collagen, vitamin D, and other vitamins the nutrients for the nails.

A hispanic hairdresser’s boyfriend had really broken nails and missing toe nails. I recommended a combination of pygnogenol, shark cartilage and cat’s claw. After about a week, the hairdresser came and told me that the broken nails and missing toe nails have grown back and they look really healthy.

A Vietnamese hairdresser said she eats deep fried shrimp shells for her beautiful nails.

If something is smelly, it is either infested by odor producing bacteria that loves to stay on human skin or something is rotting, which means odor producing bacteria is eating away at something and producing the odor. Mold on cheese will also produce rather intense smells. So, wash with a lot of soap, wash with hydrogen peroxide, and take multi-vitamin pills and eat more nutritious foods to get more nutrients that the toe nails require to grow healthily.


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