Swollen knee after driving

Swollen knees and swollen ankles are usually indications of edema. The most common occurrence of swollen ankles and swollen feet often happens after sitting in the economy class seat on a flight of three hours or more. A similar situation would apply after driving for a length of time. The legnth of time for the knees to become swollen would be directly related to the duration of the trip and the driver’s seat. A newfangled deep spoon shaped bucket seat that devastates the lower back will shorten the duration for the knees to become swollen.

Again, throw away the car and get a car that is taller than you with an adjustable square driver’s seat like the seats that are installed in big pickup trucks, large SUVs or get a 1950s Cadillac or Buick that has a bench seat in front.


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Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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