Fell forward and hit head on wall

In response.

There are several things to consider here. The important ones are: (1) Where did the head hit the wall? (2) Did the side temple area hit the wall? (3) Did the forehead hit the wall? (4) Did one slip and fall onto the floor after hitting the head on the wall? (5) Did the top of the head hit the wall falling forward? (6) Did the face also hit the wall?

The nose, the teeth, and the skull itself act as “cushions” that protect trauma to the brain. Hitting the wall frontally would not cause much damage to the brain. Damage to the face can be fixed but damage to the brain is worrisome. Whiplash generally impacts the neck. Hitting a hard surface like the ground with the back of the skull would impact the brain and the impact may cause a concussion. Therefore, hitting the wall on the side temple area, especially if the impact was hard, would be more worrisome.

Immediately after the impact, it is important to note if one felt dizzy, if one has blurred vision from the hit, if one wanted to vomit after hitting the wall, if one seems to temporarily lose balance, is there any soreness in the neck, has one’s hearing become suddenly impaired and has there been a sudden onset of ringing in the ear?

If any of the above conditions has occured immediately afterwards or if there has been a delayed reaction like the above following the head hit on the wall, go see the doctor immediately and get a scan of some sort to see if there is any CVA (cerebrovascular accident) in the brain.

Those on prescription medication should be more careful because the symptoms mentioned above may also be side effects of prescription medication. The hit of the head against the wall might aggravate these symptoms.


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