Stiff leg muscles pregnancy

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The cause of stiff leg muscles during pregnancy is overweight. The fetus is getting too big and too heavy. The original weight of the carrier, i.e., the mother, was already too heavy, and now with the additional weight of the pregnancy, the leg muscles are over burdened.

Asian mothers have always been advised to do at least 45 minutes of walking exercise everyday during pregnancy. This walking routine during pregnancy is very important. It strengthens the legs to better carry the pregnancy, stimulates circulation of blood and oxygen to the womb, and it slows the weight increase. This was the routine during my wife’s pregnancies of my two daughters and the routine of my first daughter during the pregnancies of my granddaughter and grandson. A sedentary lifestyle of a pregnant mother is very bad for the health of both the mother and the unborn baby in the womb. Circulation is poor, weight gain is much quicker, and breathing becomes weaker. A sedentary pregnant mother tends to eat more and the unborn will grow to be too big before birth.

The Chinese advice has always been to keep the unborn from growing too big before birth. An unborn that is too heavy makes birth more difficult. The Chinese always prefer natural birth. Cesarean births are performed only in emergency situations and they are not common among Asian populations. Many suburban and rural regions in Asia do not even have cesarean birth facilities. In comparison, the attitude of Western medicine towards cesarean births is much too casual.


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