Rowing exercise after cesarean

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Rowing involves the tightening of the abs when pulling the oars backward. One usually leans the torso backwards, pulls the oars with the arms backwards, and stretches the legs forward to add strength to the backward pull. This movement requires one to tighten the abs.

Rowing exercise is not recommended following a cesarean. After the C-section wound has completely healed, say after 9 months following the procedure, the muscles should have sealed and healed. At this time, one can perform a test. Try rowing either in a rowboat or on a rowing machine set at least resistance. If one feels discomfort in the abdominal area, if one feels the abdominal muscles pulling sideways, or if one feels pain in the abdominal area and on one or both sides of the abdominal area, stop the exercise. It is not time to do any rowing exercises yet.

Wait another 3 months to allow the C-section wound to heal completely before attempting rowing exercises.


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