Driving long distance swollen toe

In response.

Swelling of the toe has a lot to do with the shoe. Driving long distance, especially driving an automatic transmission vehicle on a very long trip, the right foot on the gas pedal does not really move that much. Therefore, the slant of the right foot in a holding position over the gas pedal reduces circulation to the front parts of the foot, i.e., the toe, the ball of the foot, etc.

The toe may swell up as a result of edema in the toe and constriction of blood and oxygen circulation to the toe since the toe is in a position that is higher than the heel when the foot is held in an upwardly slanting position over the gas pedal for an extended time.

Take a break in the driving and urinate and walk about at the rest stop, truck stop, picnic area, etc. The constriction is most certainly brought on by the shoe that may be too tight, the toe of the shoe may be cramping the toe of the foot, etc.

For long distance driving, I wear rather soft moccasins.


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