Car seat that does not cut off circulation to legs

In response.

My friend drove a 1972 Chevy Suburban. He was involved in an accident in Washington D.C. this past Thursday. So he rented a small car to drive home to southern Virginia. He complained to me that the driver’s side car seat of the rental car gave him lower back pain. This is another proof that the newfangled driver’s side bucket seats are the direct cause of lower back pain. These types of low bucket driver’s side seats also cut off circulation to the legs if the knee is higher than the butt.

The driver’s side car seat that does not cut off circulation to the legs is the big driver’s side car seat found in most taller vehicles such as the Dodge Ram 1500, the older model Jeeps, Land Rovers, big SUV’s such as the Chevy Suburbans, etc.

The driver’s side seats in these vehicles are high, wide and adjustable. The seat back of these seats is also taller and wider. The butt is at level with the knees. This contour does not cut off circulation to the legs and feet.


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