How do doctors suspect myasthenia gravis

In response.

When the first symptoms occur, doctors usually do not suspect myasthenia gravis. These first symptoms are drooping eyelids, partial facial droop on the right side, double vision, tight muscles in the upper chest. Initially, there would be an occasional episode of sudden physical fatigue. Therefore the doctors’ initial suspicion is not myasthenia gravis. However, when sudden onsets of general fatigue and sudden weakness of muscles occur every four hours or so, doctors might become suspicious. However, frequent episodes of extreme muscle fatigue already indicate second stage myasthenia gravis.

My wife was first referred to a doctor of general medicine, and then to several specialists including an eye doctor for possible eye surgery and a thyroid check before the doctor of general medicine even began to suspect myasthenia gravis.

I was the first to suspect myasthenia gravis and I told my wife to ask the doctor of general medicine about myasthenia gravis. After two CT and PET scans, thymoma was found. The discovery of the thymoma confirmed myasthenia gravis and open chest surgery was immediately ordered and performed.


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