Vertical indent lines of nose when cold

In response. Yes.

“Vertical indent lines” on the nose “when cold” and even when the weather is relatively warm do appear on the nose of some people. These striations apear as engorged veins under the surface of the nose and they extend from mid bridge towards the nostrils.

The color of the engorged veins indicates particular conditions. Internal bleeding of the vessels and veins of the nose will produce such striations.

In cold weather, the muscles contract and so do the blood vessels and veins. That is why skin color becomes “whiter” in cold weather.

Constriction of the veins and vessels due to extreme cold may prevent the flow of blood inside the veins and the spent blood would remain in the veins and engorge the veins, appearing as darker colored striations down the sides of the nose.

Muscles contract in cold weather. Fat does not seem to contract in cold weather. An obese person stays obese in winter but may lose one or two pounds in summer because of profuse sweating. If the nose is not covered by a lot of fat, then when the thin layer of tissue that covers the nose contracts in the cold, some “gaps” may cause the skin of the nose to become “less even”, and “striations” would seem to appear. Run the fingers over the nose for a feel of the “smoothness and evenness” of the skin of the nose.

Internal bleeding of the nasal cavity often shows up as striations or “claws” of darker veins over the nostrials and they are often very visible. They may be reddish or dark red, deep purple and sometimes close to black. These are clogged veins of the nostrils. Use a hot towel and place it over the nostrils to warm the blood and stimulate circulation. Nose massage will also work.


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