Pain on both sides of middle back when skipping and jumping

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It is important to note what kind of pain occurs on both sides. Jumping and skipping motion affects mainly the spine. There is compression to the spinal discs. The jumping action at landing compresses the discs.

There may be four types of pain: (1) Pain that runs up at the moment of landing; (2) Pain that runs up and down after landing; (3) Pain that radiates to the sides at the moment of landing or (4) afterwards.

(1) Pain that runs up at the moment of landing may be due to compression shock. (2) Pain that runs up and down after landing can be described as an “echo” or delayed pain after the initial compressive shock. (3) Pain that radiates to the sides at moment of impact is immediate radiating pain. The nerves that sense pain include the pain-sensing nerves along the spine as well as the pain-sensing nerves in the muscles that run along the spin and the muscles that protect the torso. (4) Pain that radiates to the sides after landing also involve all the pain-sensing nerves mentioned above but the nerve reactions are delayed.

A wide waist belt or a sarong wrapped tightly around the entire lower back from mid back down, i.e., wrapping a sarong at the chest line, i.e., right under the breast line, instead of wearing it in the usual way as the Malays and Indian women do, may serve to reinforce the mid to lower back when jumping and skipping.

With more endowed women, like may southern Indian women, the heavy weight of the breasts may also pull at the muscles around the torso on impact at the moment of landing. This also relates to the fact that more endowed women have mid back pain because of the weight of the breasts.


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