Twisted ankle

A young man was playing soccer in a gravel covered field. He stepped on some small pebbles, slipped, his left ankle twisted and he fell.

The ankle and the top of the foot became swollen. There was ankle pain when he got up and tried to walk.

Acupressure was used to check to see if there were any broken bones. Then acupressure was applied to the ankles and the top and bottom of the foot. Toe movements were normal. Vapor rub was then applied, and the foot was massaged.

Then, the young man was told to place his left foot under the bathtub faucet and hot water was turned on. The foot soaked in the hot water for about 40 minutes. Foot movement became much easier, swelling subsided, and there was less pain when walking.

The foot was wiped clean, vapor rub was applied again, and a lengthy elastic bandage was used to wrap the foot up.


About masterchensays

Victor Chen, herbalist, alternative healthcare lecturer, Chinese affairs analyst, retired journalist
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