Crooked spine

Once upon a time there was a 14-year-old girl who had a crooked spine.

The crooked spine was the result of carrying around heavy textbooks to and from school, and the evilness perpetuated by forcing children to carry around heavy hardcover textbooks.

All children who suffer from crooked spine as a result of carrying around heavy hardcover textbooks are victims of this evilness that has permanently damaged the spine of so many young children.

There seems to be no early intervention, and methods to correct crooked spine have been few if any at all. In some cases, back braces and neck braces have been used. Although chiropractice is supposed to help, sadly, chiropractors are not trained in the art of “tui na” and in specific rehabilitative and corrective physical therapy and exercises.

Rehabilitative and corrective therapy exercises are specific physical therapy exercises aimed at correcting a particular physical deformity and malformation. These corrective rehabilitative exercises can be used very effectively in the intervention of malformation of bone and joints especially during their period of growth and formative years.

“Tui na” refers to the classical Chinese healing art and martial art of “push and pull.” The art of “tui na” can be used for the adjustment and the physical correction of bone malformation and the revival of limb function from stroke-induced paralysis.

A combination of therapeutic rubbing and massage that incorporates pushing and acupressure, and corrective rehabilitative exercises including stretching the arms upward and sideways has been proven effective in gradually readjusting and repositioning of a crooked spine. Positional change of the crooked spine was observed visibly and noticed by touch on the third day of this course of treatment.

However, the use of a back brace and allowing the patient to carry any kind of grocery bags will immediately misalign the spine again and counteract the above rehabilitative effort. When the above rehabilitative effort is started, the patient must never be allowed to carrying any kind of bag that has any weight to it. A back brace or a wrap-around back support will also immediately misalign the spine again.


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