Premature necrosis of the feet and lower legs

I have been receiving many questions about swollen legs after standing and long distance driving, swollen ankles, ankle pain, inability to stand on the feet, tight ankles, etc.

Premature necrosis of the lower part of the lower leg, the ankle, the top of the feet involves hardening muscles of the lower part of the lower leg above the ankle, edema of the ankles, and dying tissue, dying skin and dying muscles of the lower part of the lower leg. The color of the skin of the lower part of the lower leg turns brown and eventually black with a tint of purple. The lower part of the lower leg, the ankle, and the top of the feet are dying.

The sufferer cannot walk and must rely on a walking stick. Walking is painful and the sufferer wobbles while walking. Otherwise, there are no open wounds on the feet, ankles or legs.

If a doctor suggests amputation at this stage, tell him or her to go play golf in Hell and never come back!!

At this stage, the condition is premature necrosis.

After telling the doctor to go to Hell, do the following to revive the dying lower part of the lower leg and skin, to regain the ability to walk and run, and to permanently throw away the walking stick.

(1) Cover the area of dying skin with a lot of vapor rub or muscle rub and rub the area. One can also use a baseball bat or roller to roll the area as a form of rubbing and massage.

(2) Step into the bathtub and soak the feet and lower legs in hot water.

(3) Then get a dozen golf balls, place them on the rug, step on them with bare feet, and roll the golf balls with the bottom of the feet. Sit down and roll the bottom of the feet over the golf balls. Do not try to stand on the golf balls.

(4) The rubbing, the soaking and the rolling must be done for at least 20 to 40 minutes twice or four times a day.

(5) In two days, one just might be able to stand and walk without too much help from the walking stick. The dying skin will become healthy skin, edema will be reduced, and the dying muscles will soften up.

(6) While you perform your miracles, let the doctor play golf in Hell and for me, he can rot in Hell!


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