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Thank you for all the good comments. I do not tweet, I do not “facebook”, and I do not “google.”

I actually like the term “brain dead.” A live brain has at least some intellect. A person who is brain dead has no intellect, and a brain dead person cannot tell the difference between what is morally right and what is morally wrong. The brain dead react emotionally because gullible emotion is all the brain dead have, and they have been agitated by other brain dead people who are filled with hatred and vengefulness.

Only the brain dead, zombies if you will, protest and go on the attack. How can justice and righteousness be served when justice and righteousness are labeled as unjust. Someone has said that the vicious attacker should be honored. Is that the Christian thing to do? He who proposes honoring the vicious attacker certainly does not seem to have any Christian upbringing, Christian morals and Christian ethics. In Christianity, such a person is called evil.


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