Turning blue, brown and green!

In response.

This is in response to several enquiries: “Fungus turn feet green [sic], dead skin turning green [sic], ball of foot turning green [sic], my feet are turning brown.”

Fungus like tinea pedis does not turn skin or feet green. The middle stage of a clostridia bacterial infection which creates a fowl smelling boil or blister under the skin which we call gangrene makes the skin turn brown and green.

Green skin is dying skin.

Dead skin can be white of a Caucasian, brown of an Oriental, green of a rusty ancient alien, black of a black African, or normal skin color on a fresh corpse of whichever ethnicity the corpse was originally of.

If the ball of the foot is turning green, the skin over the ball of the foot is dying. Soak the foot in a bath of hydrogen peroxide to kill anything that is killing the skin. The normal skin color should either return, or the skin begins to turn to a darker green and eventually to black. Blackened skin is dead skin. Scars are often blackish brown in color. At this time, one should be able to scrub the dead skin off without the skin being too sensitive.

When the skin loses oxygen or is being depleted of oxygen, the skin turns blue.

When oxygen depleted blood remains in the veins for a longer time, the skin as well as the veins will show a brown color and eventually a green color such as varicose veins. Spider veins can have various colors of brown, pink or green or all of these colors in the same “web”.

Brown is between a change of red colored red blood cells to black colored dead skin in gangrene.

The progression of colors of dying skin, dying blood, and dying veins, is:

Blue due to a lack of or depletion of oxygen;

Purple due to a lack of oxygen and an accumulation of dying or dead red blood cells;

Brown due to a depletion of the red color of the red blood cells, and diluting of the dead red blood cells by white blood cells; and

Green due to a dying of the skin cells and forming of “green rust”, which is a release of oxygen directly by the skin cells as the cells die or forced to release oxygen by the action of the clostridia bacteria in gangrene. The skin cells are forced to release oxygen as they die.

This process is commonly seen in nature. For example, oxidized copper or rusting copper produces green copper rust.

Denture cleaning tablets when dropped into the water with the dirty denture in it produce white foam. The white foam is the pure oxygen released when the tablets react with the water, and this chemical reaction releases pure oxygen. After the dirty denture is cleaned and the false teeth are clean and white, the remnant water is either blue or green color. As we have seen, blue indicates depletion of oxygen, and green indicates complete release of oxygen.


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