Doggy Confucianism

Peculiarities of the Chinese language

When a Chinese makes a telephone call, he or she says: “da”’ dian` hua`”, or “beat the electrical speech”. “Da”’ ” is to hit, to beat; “dian`” is electricity, electrical; and “hua`” is “speech, to say, that which is spoken”.

When a Chinese engages in a fist fight, he or she says: “da”’ jia`”, “to beat or hit the rack, the frame, the scaffold” or “to hit and fend off”. The character “jia`” is also used in “jia` gou`” which is a scaffold or scaffolding, and “gou` jia`” is “a frame or a structural frame”.

When a Chinese strikes a person with a hand, he or she says: “da ”’ ren” ” or “to hit a person”.

On September 19, 2013, a writer named Tao Dongfeng or “east wind Tao” said that “doggy Confucianism and opportunism will cause great errosion in society.”

“Doggy Confucianism” is the literal translation of the term “quan”’ ru” zhu”’ yi`”. “Quan”'” is a dog. “Ru”” means Confucianism as in “ru” jia” or a Confucian scholar, the school of philosophy of Confucius, the Confucian school of phlosophy.

“Doggy Confucianism” is the Chinese term that means “cynicism.” So, the title of “east wind Tao’s” article is:

“Cynicism and opportunism will cause great errosion in society.”

If I am a doggy Confucianist, am I a cynic?


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