What kind of behavior is this?

What kind of behavior is this?

October 1, 2013, the national holiday on the Chinese mainland, the first day of a long holiday. Let’s go to the Shanghai City Zoo. Now let’s go see the lions. Inside the lion’s enclosure, there were at least 70 plastic water bottles scattered all over the place. How did these plastic water bottles get into the enclosure?

Many holiday visitors to the zoo came to see the lions, but the lions were not moving about, so the visitors threw plastic water bottles at the lions to try to make them get up and walk about.

Throwing plastic water bottles at the lions at the zoo to get the lions to get up? Isn’t that animal cruelty? But that is the behavior of Chinese mainland visitors to their own city zoo!

And you tell me the mainland Chinese tourists are not uncivilized?

The Beijing Palace Museum is beefing up security for the expected crowd of visitors on October 1, a national holiday on the Chinese mainland.

The official reason for beefing up security is to prevent “you ke qun o”, or “tourist groups fighting”. Reportedly there had been an incident of groups of domestic tourists breaking out into a fist fight amongst themselves inside the 600-year-old Beijing Palace Museum.

What kind of behavior is that? Has anybody ever heard of visitors to a national museum breaking out into a fist fight inside the museum?

Is this not uncivilized behavior?

Hong Kong Sing Tao Daily, September 25, 2013: In the afternoon of September 24, a man and a woman from the Chinese mainland got on a bus in Hong Kong. The couple went to the upper deck of the bus to take some pictures. Seated in the front seats was a family of three who were also Chinese mainland tourists. The couple and the man and woman of the family got into an argument over the front seats and all four got into a fist fight on the bus. All four ended up with head and facial injuries. The bus driver called the police and all four were arrested. They were charged with fighting in public.

Again, the people from the Chinese mainland have committed battery in public, a criminal offense and the Hong Kong police arrested all of them. The people from the Chinese mainland somehow have not learned that fist fighting in a public place is against the law and is battery, a criminal offense. Those engaged in battery are subject to arrest.

Verbal arguments somehow seem to always end up in fist fights and cat fights among the mainland Chinese people and Chinese mainland tourists with the incident on Taiwan where the Chinese mainland tourists literally ganged up on and attacked a single Taiwan man, and now this fist fighting on a bus in Hong Kong resulting in head and facial injuries.

September 26, 2013, the Shenzhen Commercial News reported that in Sian City, at the Huaqing Lake scenic area, there is a half naked statue of a famous Tang dynasty concubine Yang Yuhuan. Many tourists have been touching the exposed breasts of the statue of Yang Yuhuan. The breasts of the statue of the Iron Fan Princess in the Flaming Mountain scenic area in Xinjiang have also been touched to such an extent that the breasts of the statue now “shine”.

The Chinese expression for inappropriate touching is “luan muo”. The article said that such disrespectful behavior shows that Chinese tourists are still in the infant stage of personal caliber, that their caliber as tourists is unhealthy, and that the Chinese tourists lack a civilized culture and an overall nurture in character. By touching the breasts of a female statue, the Chinese tourists show that they lack the caliber of appropriate personal conduct. (Shenzhen Commercial News, article by Wei Qing)

A lady with a Wuhan accent on a Hong Kong to Wuhan flight KA854 swiped all of the plastic snack trays and cups used to serve the onboard snacks and hid them in her handbag.

Passengers on the No. 1 Beijing subway line got into a group fight over seating.

A Chinese mainland tourist from Jiangsu province went to Taiwan’s Yeliu Geological Park and carved his name on a geological rock face.

A female janitor in a shopping area admonished a group of store clerks not to dirty the floor by throwing left over dried watermelon seeds on the floor. A young man inside the store heard the admonishment and rushed out from inside the store, jumped up and kicked the female janitor, she fell onto the floor, the young man continued to kick her and step on her causing bruises on her torso. He continued kicking and stepping on her for 3 to 4 minutes.

What a despicable joke and what uncivilized behavior! It is behavior of a rabid dog! This is definitely not a human reaction. Only rabid dogs react in this way!

The Chinese tourism authority has issued a set of rules for proper tourist conduct to be implemented on October 1, 2013. The rules stipulate that fines and civil detention from 5 to 10 days will be exacted for defacing public property and leaving graffiti. However, such rules will not correct the gross misbehavior of the Chinese tourists, and that such legal fines and punishment will not correct the general lack of moral nurture and the cultural caliber of the Chinese people, the lack of education in civilized behavior and behavioral modification, says a commentator named Wang Zidan. The commentator suggested compiling a black list of tourists and if their misconduct as tourists is serious, they should be banned from foreign travel. (cntv.cn, September 27, 2013)

It seems that China today is a society of psychologically sick young men who react in a rabid retaliatory manner. They are really “less than dogs!”


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