How long does it take to regenerate the sciatic nerve?

In response to the above enquiry.

There are several conditions manifested by paralysis of the legs, tightness of the leg muscles, lower back pain, leg cramps, that involve the sciatic nerve.

Regeneration of the sciatic nerve thus depends on the condition mentioned above and involves different methods.

Tightness of the leg muscles, some lower back pain, leg cramps, can be eased by standing under a hot water shower and spraying or blasting hot water directly at the areas of pain or muscle stiffness for 20 minutes to 40 minutes.

A 45-minute acupressure or deep tissue massage session should ease the sciatic nerve.

Sciatic nerve dysfunction in paralysis will require at least several lengthy sessions of acupressure, heavy massage, leg exercise, and even hydrotherapy.

To activate the sciatic nerve immediately, use a baseball bat or the fist and hit the outer thigh several times and as hard as possible.

For bedridden patients with paralyzed legs, pinch the tip of the little finger and watch the legs “jump”. If the legs “jump”, that means the sciatic nerve is still alive, and there may still be hope of rehabilitation and partial recovery.

In many cases of paralysis due to injury in combat, intensive physical therapy will be required to regain full or almost full sciatic nerve function.


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