Violence of planned parenthood in China

Violence of planned parenthood in China

Thirty female lawyers in a dozen cities throughout China filed a petition on December 9, 2013, with the Health and Planned Parenthood Commission to stop so-called “violence of planned parenthood”, the Southern City News reported on December 13, 2013.

“Violence of planned parenthood” refers to mandatory forced abortions, forced insertion of vaginal rings, forced tubal ligation, mandatory pregnancy tests, and mandatory use of contraceptive pills, etc. The petition beseeches the authorities to “respect the rights of women” and to stop mandated “violence” against “their vaginas”.

The petition said that women should have the “right to make their own decision in regards to the method of contraception”.

Because of enforcement of the one child policy, having children beyond the mandated quota is a crime. The Chinese term is “chao sheng”, i.e., “over births” or “extra births”. Children born as “extra births” are known as “hei hu”, or
“black household (members)”.


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