Unintentional psychological abuse

In response.

“Unintentional psychological abuse” includes any kind of derogatory, racist, dismissive comment uttered unintentionally as a slip of the tongue, a causal derogatory comment, expression or utterance. It also includes the look of hatred, a slanting glance of disgust, a turning of the head dismissively, turning away from someone or bypassing someone as if that someone is unworthy of attention, and even not looking at someone when speaking to him or her, etc.

Routinely dismissing or saying “No!” to a child asking questions is also a form of unintentional psychological abuse.

A long time ago at a gathering, there was a man who claimed to be an expert in military and political affairs. He criticized almost every comment made by others about a particular subject. Finally, someone told him to be less arrogant in expressing his opinions and in commenting on other people’s viewpoints.

Arrogance, dismissiveness, constant nagging, abrasive attitudes, verbal threats, making unreasonable demands, discourteousness, and not saying “Thank you” after being attended to, like many uncivilized Chinese tourists have behaved in Japanese stores, all constitute unintentional psychological abuse.

Neurotics and psychotics, like the Chinese mainland tourists, will often react to admonishment as a form of psychological abuse even when the admonishment conveys no reprimand.


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