Raw garlic, cooked garlic, soaked garlic, and dried garlic

I truly appreciate and agree with the comment about garlic. Thank you.

Raw garlic is the strongest. It will tighten the prostate and harden stool. It will kill the bacteria in the intestines and the colon. It will also strengthen urination. Taking ten cloves of raw garlic will definitely cause constipation.

Cooked garlic is less potent. Cooking renders garlic “impotent”. The active ingredient of garlic is its essential oil.

Powdered garlic, dried garlic and garlic pills are essentially “impotent”. Garlic soaked in vinegar is also much less potent than raw garlic. However, vinegar soaked garlic is less “impotent” than dried powdered garlic.

I chop up about one head of raw garlic and eat it over three meals. That would come out to be about three cloves per meal. However, I do not eat garlic everyday. I add garlic to my meals only when I feel physically weak or when my urination becomes acidic.

Again, thank you for your wonderful comments.

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